Attention! Due to the corona crisis, security measures are in place in Amsterdam. We will keep you informed about the corona measures in Amsterdam on our blog.

This is Holland

Just like the A'DAM Lookout another new but very popular attraction in Amsterdam. In this modern building between the A'DAM Lookout tower and the EYE Film Museum the “This is Holland” attracted is situated. It is an attraction that is very nice and interesting for tourists as well as for the Dutch.

In the attraction you will have a bird's eye view throughout the Netherlands. This is of course figurative, but also almost literally. Because you're sitting in a chair and your legs don't touch the ground, you really have the idea that you're flying through the air. You fly among other things over the Wadden Sea, the Veluwe and of course the canals in Amsterdam.

The flight lasts over an hour, the highlight is a 10 minute flight in 5D. You get wind, smell and moisture to endure which feels very special. Despite the fact that you don't get far from your spot, it can sometimes feel a bit exciting, a bit of the feeling of a roller coaster. This piece of tension often gives an extra dimension to the attraction. Because it sometimes goes a bit harder it is not allowed for children under 4 years, persons smaller than 1 meter and pregnant women to take a seat in the attraction.


Tickets can only be bought online. When you buy the ticket, you must immediately choose a time slot that you can take a seat. Just passing by and taking a seat is unfortunately not possible. Tickets can be purchased on the official website.