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Search green in Amsterdam

In a city like Amsterdam there is always and eternally a lack of living space. Every piece of free space is preferably bought up to build houses, the direct consequence of this is that there is less and less space in Amsterdam for green. The number of birds and insects has decreased dramatically in Amsterdam. Of course, this is not a good sign and luckily there are more and more people in Amsterdam who are doing something about this. Although on a small scale, but every plant or flower in the city is one!

Tile out, plant in
A very popular part of making the city greener is taking out a sidewalk tile and then putting a plant in it. You will see that everything is placed in the 30 x 30 centimeters. From flowers to vegetables and sometimes delicious herbs and plants. People make the most beautiful things with it and it helps to make the world a little more sustainable.

Look up more often
The people of Amsterdam who do not have a garden or do not live on the road to get a tile out of the garden now also pay attention to nature more and more often. Therefore, take a closer look at the balconies of these people. Complete vegetable gardens or herb gardens can be done in a good location of the balcony and will provide the residents with a nice yield to eat. In the summer you will encounter complete flower gardens or beautiful hanging plants that both ensure that the insects and especially the bees return to the city, this is extremely important!

City Gardens
In various places, neighbourhoods have joined hands together and from squares or pieces that were already green have built complete and well maintained city gardens. They are all volunteers who like to make the neighbourhood more sustainable. In addition, it is also good for the social aspect because the volunteers regularly have good friendships.

Green on the roof
There's also green that you don't see very well from the ground up. Many sedum roofs are being constructed nowadays. These are roofs that are equipped with small mosaids and other small plants that allow insects to move freely and also provide cooling of the environment. The sedum roofs also work very well as insulation.

Take a walk through Amsterdam and look for nice green spots. You will soon find that there is much more to discover in the city when you search for it. In this way it is also much more fun to take a walk through the city with a goal. In addition, it is also free and fun to do!