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4 most popular museums in Amsterdam

Although Amsterdam is a relatively small capital city compared to other capitals in Europe such as Paris, London and Berlin, it has a lot of museums. There are small unknown museums and museums that are world-famous. With this, the city really has a lot to offer and attracts a lot of tourists every year for this reason. Below we have described the 4 most popular museums in Amsterdam.

The museum of Amsterdam where you can see a number of world-famous paintings. Of course we are talking about the “Night Watch” (Rembrandt) and “The Milkmaid” (Vermeer) and many other masterpieces. Despite the fact that many people think the museum only has paintings, the collection is much wider than that. You can admire art objects from all over the world. You can think of sculptures, ship models, wood carvings, Delft Blue, etc... There are always separate exhibitions that make it fun to visit the museum more often than just once. Because the museum is so large that it is virtually impossible to visit everything in one day, it is advisable to make a selection of what you want to visit most.

The museum is also a lot of fun for children. Family tours are held, a 1 km walking route or a one-hour scavenger hunt that requires you to solve 8 riddles in the museum.

Van Gogh Museum
The Van Gogh Museum is located on the museum square in the immediate vicinity of the Rijksmuseum and the Stedelijk Museum. The first thing you'll probably notice is the look of the museum. This is due to the fact that the museum was completely renovated and modernised in 2013, so you can see this very well on the exterior facade.

The Van Gogh Museum features a lot of work by the world-famous painter Vincent van Gogh. A number of highlights from the museum's collection include the potato eaters, sunflowers, almond blossom and a number of famous self-portraits. In addition, there are more very famous paintings that would actually fit in the list above. In addition to paintings, there are many prints and letters by Van Gogh to admire in the museum. To keep the museum attractive for repeat visits, there are often changing exhibitions that you can watch.

Anne Frank House
The Anne Frank House is of a completely different calibre than the museums described above. This is a small house with the famous secret house where Anne Frank's life took place during the war. When you walk through the Anne Frank House, you feel a little bit how Anne and her family have felt. Fear, insecurity, always having to be quiet and not knowing who you can and can't trust. Take a tour of the house and see the original diary where all her stories can be read in. Because the Anne Frank House is small but there are many visitors who want to enter, it is wise to make a reservation in advance. The house on Prinsengracht is filled up quickly and the queue can be quite long.

Stedelijk Museum
When modern art is where you're hot, you should definitely pay a visit to the popular Stedelijk Museum on the Museumplein. It is currently the largest museum of modern and contemporary art in the Netherlands. With a collection of more than 90,000 famous and less famous works, one day will certainly not have enough to admire all this.

The works that hang here are certainly not the least artists, such as works by Karel Appel, Mondriaan, Andy Warhol, Picasso and many other big names. The museum features a mix of paintings, special objects, furniture, jewellery, etc... The museum is a truly top perfumer of its kind and gives hours of fun for the art lover.