Attention! Due to the corona crisis, security measures are in place in Amsterdam. We will keep you informed about the corona measures in Amsterdam on our blog.


Most tourists come to Amsterdam by plane or public transport, but of course there is also a group of visitors who choose to drive to Amsterdam by car. This gives a lot of freedom but also some hassle that it is useful that you know this in advance.


Like all major cities in the world, Amsterdam is a city where traffic is often crowded. When the streets of Amsterdam were built, there was clearly no account for the number of cars that are currently running there. What makes Amsterdam different from other cities is the amount of cyclists in the city. All around you they drive, often do not pay attention to traffic lights and can suddenly come out of your blind spot. Keep this in mind. Trams and taxis can also come out of the corner unexpectedly. If you go quietly with the traffic, it should generally be fine.

Narrow streets and one-way street

In various places you will encounter very narrow streets. This is mainly on the canals where it is also mostly one-way traffic. Pay attention to poles (Amsterdammertjes) and take it easy. Sometimes the streets are even so narrow that some extra stitches may be needed when cornering. Keep a close eye on road signs in the area of one-way traffic.


Probably this is the biggest annoyance of many motorists, parking in Amsterdam. Apart from the fact that finding a parking space is difficult, the prices that are asked to park are absurdly high. In the center you pay €7.50 per hour. The purpose of these types of tariffs is to keep the city viable and reduce the number of cars in the city. Parking in Amsterdam can be done in a few different ways. Parking at your hotel might be a good option as well.

In the city center on the street

In the city centre you can often park your car along the street. This can sometimes also be along the canal where you have to park congestion. For some people this is quite exciting because there is no fence between your car and the moat. There are also regular parking spaces where you can place your car less exciting. Places like this are hard to find in the center. Parking along the road is expensive. Payment can be done by card or by phone with the Park Mobile app for example. The payment is always in advance, so you have to keep an eye on your own time.

In car parks

Parking in a parking garage is very common. There are several in the city. You can pay here afterwards, you can also choose a day ticket. A spot is relatively easy to find although the car parks can still be quite full.

P+R (parking + travel)

In more and more large cities, the P+R is emerging, as is the case in Amsterdam. The principle of this is that you place the car just outside the city in a dedicated parking space and go to the city by public transport. The prices are quite reasonable and place is easy to find.

Prices and overview

A very handy overview with prices and parking spaces in Amsterdam can be found here: You can schedule it in advance and enter the addresses in the navigation.