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With over 45 hectares of land and more than 10 million visitors each year, the Vondelpark is by far the largest city park in Amsterdam. The park is a green oasis in a crowded city where you can relax. But you can also walk, cycle, sport or just relaxed whily laying on the grass with your eyes closed. The park is really used by Amsterdammers and tourists.


Throughout the year, events are organised in the Vondelpark. These are generally cultural and sporting events. The open-air theater is very popular. In the summer you can go here almost every day for all kinds of free shows, mostly cabaret which are sometimes visited by a lot of people. Every Friday night you can also participate in the Friday Night Skate, a group of fanatics who will make a tour through Amsterdam with roller skates. The highlight every year is, without a doubt, King's Day. The entire park is colored orange because of the many thousands of people present here this day. It is the children who do the free market here.


From all that walking, cycling, sports or watching shows, you also get a little thirsty, maybe even hungry. In the park there are several occasions where you can eat and drink something. The Groot Milkhuis and Blue Tea House are the most popular places. On sultry summer evenings it can sometimes be very crowded!


Because the location of the park is quite central, you can combine it well with, for example, one of the museums on the Museumplein. How about the Rijksmuseum, Stedelijk Museum or the Van Gogh Museum, all worth a visit!