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The Foodhallen

Where Amsterdam West was a place where there wasn't much to do until a few years ago, it's different nowadays. Since the arrival of the Foodhallen in an old tram remise, everyday it attracts a lot of public. Briefly explained, the Foodhallen in Amsterdam is a large hall with stalls on the sides where you can pick up food and drinks to eat at one of the many tables in the middle. Anyone who has been to Asia knows the food courts there, the Foodhallen are comparable to that.

Variety of flavours
What makes the Foodhallen so popular is the fact that there are several stalls where you can order the best dishes. Nothing out of the freezer, everything is freshly prepared for you. From drinks plateaus to Vietnamese cuisine and pizza to the best cocktail bars in Amsterdam. Checkout is done at the booth where you get your food and then take it to your table where you can eat it together with your company. The portions you get aren't too big, which is very nice because this way you can try more different dishes.

Social in Amsterdam
Besides good food, the Foodhallen also has a social aspect. It's always busy with an extremely good atmosphere. You just come here to have fun and have fun with people you like. Reservation of a table is not possible. There are plenty of tables and yes, sometimes you may have to wait a few minutes but then have a drink and talk to people you don't know. This is how many good friendships have emerged here in the Foodhallen and many will follow in the coming years. For some extra fun, a DJ is often playing in the background.

Good to know
The Foodhallen are open 7 days a week. Friday and Saturday from 12:00 - 00:00 and the other days from 12:00 - 23:00. If you come by car, you can park directly under the Foodhallen. There is a 110 parking garage. Of course, it's smart to go by public transport or bike.