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The Museumplein is a popular square both by tourists and locals. The square is large and green and the most important museums of the city are located on the square. It is a square where events and celebrations are held and a square that has been rebuilt in recent years and has therefore acquired a much more modern character.


The square has a number of major museums that are visited annually by millions of visitors. We are talking about the Rijksmuseum, the Van Gogh Museum and the Stedelijk Museum. Recently, the Moco Museum has also been added to this list. The Rijksmuseum is located at the head of the Museumplein and stands out for its stately character. The Van Gogh and Stedelijk Museum are both in a new building and have a modern architecture that you can see in Museumplein. The Moco Museum is located in a monumental villa and fits perfectly into the square with this look.

Concert Hall

Exactly on the other side of the Rijksmuseum on the Museumplein you can see another beautiful stately building, this is the Concertgebouw. The Concertgebouw is located on the Van Baerlestraat and the truly perfect acoustics in the building is seen as one of the best concert halls for classical music in the world. The Concertgebouw is home to the Royal Concertgebouw Orchestra.


Under the Museumplein there is a large parking garage. You can almost always leave your car here and payment is afterwards. It is not cheap but it is an easy place to come and you are right in the center of Amsterdam. A day ticket is the cheapest alternative if you want to stand for a long time. The entrance to the car park is located opposite the Concertgebouw next to the entrance to the Albert Heijn.

Events and honoured

For a long time, the Museumplein has been used to hold events and festivals. With King's Day (then still Queen's Day), tens of thousands of people were partying here. Also with honourages of Ajax and the Dutch national team people came from all over the Netherlands to have a party here. In recent years it has been getting a little less due to the nuisance in the area that the events bring.


The square is ideal for picnics and sitting together on the lawn. On beautiful days it can sometimes be quite crowded. Above the Albert Heijn the day is crooked where you can also sit comfortably with a beautiful view over the Museumplein.