Attention! Due to the corona crisis, security measures are in place in Amsterdam. We will keep you informed about the corona measures in Amsterdam on our blog.

Coffee shops in Amsterdam

All over the world, Amsterdam is known for its coffee shops. These are not places where you come to have a cup of coffee as the name suggests but this is a place where you come to buy or smoke softdrugs. Softdrugs can be legally sold in licensed coffee shops which happens a lot. This is due to the locals but also to the huge flow of tourists who discover Amsterdam.

The shops

Around 170 coffee shops can be found in Amsterdam, they have a separate license for trading soft drugs. Think of weed, marijuana, hashish and cannabis. In the coffee shops it is not allowed to drink alcohol, and they will not sell it either. Also hard drugs are absolutely not for sale here. When hard drugs are used or sold in a coffee shop, the licence will be irrevocably issued and the company may close down.

A few rules that apply to the coffee shops:

  • You must be out at least 18 years
  • Identification is required
  • It is not allowed to buy more than 5 grams per person per day

Which coffee shop should I choose and how does it work

Because there are about 170 coffee shops in Amsterdam, it is sometimes difficult for tourists to choose a coffee shop where they would like to use something. The Amsterdammers often have their regular shop.

Coffee shops that are frequently visited by tourists include:

  • The Bulldog on the Leidseplein
  • The Aspkring in the Handboogstraat
  • Barney's in the Haarlemmerstraat

This above-mentioned shop have a lot of experience with tourists. If you don't know what to choose, you can always ask in the shop. There is usually a book (menu) on the bar with the assortment. The advice is when you have no experience to choose something that is not so strong. You don't know how your body will react to this. Even with things like spacecake you have to be more careful.

Coffeeshop excursions

Lately it is very popular to book an excursion where you can learn more about coffee shops in Amsterdam. From an experienced person you get a tour of Amsterdam and you often visit a shop where you get the opportunity to smoke something. Very nice and interesting to do once.