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Artis is one of Amsterdam's most popular attractions. The zoo is ideal for both adults and children to visit. Despite the fact that the zoo is located right in the centre of Amsterdam, you don't have that feeling at all. It is a quiet piece of nature with over 900 different animals and more than 200 different species of trees that you can come across here.


In the recent years, Artis has been busy transforming from an old zoo with mostly small old cages to a new modern zoo with large dwellings and plains where animals have a good live on. The transformation has reduced the number of different animals, but the quality and living conditions of the animals have improved considerably.


One of the flagship features of Artis is this monumental building with large exposition rooms. The aquarium is housed in this imposing building. An aquarium where a few million litres of water (both fresh and salt water) flow every day and where you can see the most beautiful underwater animals. Sharks, piranhas, seahorses, protected corals but also an imitation of the Amsterdam canals with accompanying bicycles in the water.

The Birdhouse and Reptile House

In two other beautiful buildings you will meet the birds and reptiles. The buildings are located in each other's extension and house a large number of different animals. Many of the birds fly loose and therefore you will sometimes have to search a bit to find them, but due to that actually also a nice explorative activity with the kids. In the reptile house (in which it is nice and warm) there are crocodiles, snakes, lizards and other special species of reptiles.


In various places in Artis there are places to eat and drink. So you can get a cup of coffee or ice cream in many places around the parks. If you want to have lunch, you can do it in one of the restaurant. The largest restaurant is the “Two Cheetahs”, this is located right next to the Savannah and gives a beautiful view of this area. Here you can get various sandwiches, fries, tartlets and much more. Directly next to this restaurant there is also a large playground for the kids!


The park is well accessible for wheelchair users. Where necessary, lifts are available in all areas of the park.