Attention! Due to the corona crisis, security measures are in place in Amsterdam. We will keep you informed about the corona measures in Amsterdam on our blog.

Amsterdam is open again!

The corona figures are going well in the Netherlands, for this reason the Dutch goverment is considerable releasing the covid measures and this is reflected in the number of visitors to Amsterdam. Of course, there are still rules to stick to but it's all much smoother.

Terraces and restaurants
The terraces are open again! The terraces have been crowded throughout the city and all the nice weather of the past few days. In places where no terraces are normally allowed, the city council is easier and small terraces are often allowed. Obviously respecting the current corona rules. No more than 4 people at a table (provided from one household) and the tables should be all one and a half metres apart. Mouth masks are not mandatory when sitting, but waiters needs to wear them.

The restaurants have been allowed to open for a week too! Unfortunately, this cannot be done yet without a maximum occupancy inside, but everything should be with the one and a half meter rule. If you're walking in a restaurant, the face mask should be up, of course not at the table. Most restaurants are open but not all of them yet. It's not always profitable to be open when you have a small catering facility.

Let's all support the Amsterdam hospitality industry and use the terraces and restaurant again. Drink an extra drink and of course don't forget the tip for a good service.

Museums, theatres, cinemas and exhibitions
Cultural flow locations are open again! It is often compulsory to reserve a time slot in advance to enter, it is also wise to buy tickets online in advance when possible. This way the location knows how busy it gets and whether a time slot is full or not.

It's different from location to location how many people are allowed to enter. This has to do with the floor space and the number of rooms/rooms present at the site. When you walk, face masks are mandatory but not when you are seated.

Public transport Amsterdam
Public transport in Amsterdam is accessible to everyone. Capacity is smaller than normal because you need to keep a distance. Mouth masks are still compulsory, the expectation is that that will remain so for the time being.

Starting June 30, festivals in Amsterdam will be allowed again without having to take into account the 1.5 metres away! It is expected that a lot of events will take place and everyone will visit each other again!

At the moment it's still much quieter than usual in Amsterdam. Specifically, foreign tourists are practically not there yet. Fortunately, you will notice that the parks, terraces and other places are full again and the coziness in the city is returning again. More relaxations are expected in the near future and Amsterdam will return to the city it is.